Howie Mandel Shows Photo Of Wife's Battered Face After Fall In Vegas

What happened to Howie Mandel’s wife in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. (Watch the video below.)

On “Live with Kelly & Mark” on Monday, the “America’s Got Talent” judge recounted Terry Mandel’s fall on her face in their hotel room after overindulging. He also provided graphic photo proof.

Mandel said she had too much to drink at a Sin City restaurant but he wasn’t fully aware of just how much. In the middle of the night, Terry walked into a wall of their hotel room and slammed her head against the wainscoting as she fell to the floor.

The impact awakened the comedian, who turned on the light to find her in a pool of blood, he said.

Mandel added comic touches to his anecdote but the photo he showed of her black eye and a bruise on her forehead with a gash down the middle looked pretty damn serious. He said she broke her cheek after downplaying the incident during an episode from Vegas on “Live with Kelly & Mark” months ago.

During his Monday appearance, Mandel detailed the aftermath. He said he applied cold cans of soda from the mini-bar to her face but she threw them across the room. He called security to beckon 911 and the hotel responded by sending up 10 suspicious security people who took pictures of the blood on the floor and noticed the soda cans strewn about.

But all’s well that ends well. Mandel reported that she has recovered without a scar. And, of course, he squeezed laughs out of the incident.

An image of Terry Mandel in a hospital bed after the fall appeared onscreen. The actor explained that his wife of 44 years was desperately urging in the moment, “Howie, get the doctor, get the doctor!”

The doctor soon arrived.

“Doctor, I can’t see, I can’t see out of my left eye. I’m freaking out,” she told the physician, Mandel recalled. “The doctor says, ‘Just take the sheet off your face.’”

Hosts Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos erupted in laughter along with the audience.

“That’s how drunk she was,” Mandel said.