HRM traffic department to repaint crosswalk

Halifax traffic officials will soon be re-drawing the lines across Prince Albert Road in Dartmouth to replace a crosswalk that was eliminated this year.

The city opted to remove nine crosswalks over the course of the year, but protests have been growing against the decision.

Gloria McCluskey, the councillor for the area, said she took representatives to the Prince Albert Road site Friday.

"I think that the crosswalk was taken out that they didn't really realize how much traffic there was on that crosswalk," she said. "They were not familiar with the fact that the kids run across there to train on Silver's Hill."

McCluskey didn't say when the lines would be repainted. She also didn't know if the city was reconsidering the other eight locations.

Some people were so upset about the loss of the crosswalks in their neighbourhoods, they repainted the lines themselves and set up signs in protest.

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