HS football player tackles teammate running toward wrong end zone after interception

A high school football player had to tackle his teammate who was running the wrong way after intercepting the ball. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

High school football is a learning experience for the young men who play it. Sometimes they learn what it means to be part of a team, and other times they learn what happens when you accidentally run the wrong way when you’ve caught an interception.

The latter situation played out for Kha’Ron Thrower, a young man who plays for the Fairfield High School Falcons in California. Thrower didn’t make the interception, but was forced to tackle his teammate who caught it and started running the other way.

This wasn’t just a jog, either. The guy who caught the interception was absolutely trucking down the field like his pants were on fire. Thrower was all-out sprinting to try and catch him so what would have been a pick-six didn’t turn into a safety. Thrower finally caught his teammate by diving and grabbing at his heel.

It’s excruciating if this ever happens to a team you’re rooting for, but it’s endlessly funny watching the kid’s teammates and coaches wildly gesticulate to try and get his attention as he’s running, blind to all of them.

In his tweet, Thrower made the case for his highlight to make the SportsCenter Top 10 AND the “Not Top 10.” The interception and run toward the other team’s end zone certainly belong on the bad list, but as Thrower points out, he made a fantastic dash and tackle to prevent his teammate from actually running it in.

Thrower was very kind toward his teammate who caught that interception. He tweeted later that it was his teammate’s first-ever interception, and the guy was so excited at the prospect of taking it in for a touchdown that he just started to run. Who could blame him?

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