Huawei embraces slider phones with Honor Magic 2

Stan Schroeder

Huawei's other brand, Honor, has jumped on the sliding smartphone bandwagon.

At its event ahead of the IFA show in Berlin, the company launched (teased, really) a phone called Honor Magic 2, which achieves a near-bezel-less screen by hiding the selfie camera with a sliding mechanism. 

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We've already seen something similar in Oppo's Find X, but the Magic 2 is different as the phone is opened manually. Yes, we've now essentially gone full circle and arrived back at a time when sliding phones, such as Nokia's 8110, were the norm. What's next, phones with physical keyboards

It looks similar to the Oppo Find X, but there's a big difference: The Magic 2 has a manual slider mechanism.

Image: Huawei

The Honor Magic 2 will also have Huawei's upcoming Kirin 980 processor and safe-but-fast charging. Other specs weren't revealed. 

Huawei is in a bit of an odd spot with its popular Honor brand, as it tries to innovate but it's always careful not to overshadow its Huawei flagships. The Honor Magic 2 (by the way, the original Honor Magic came out in 2016 and wasn't particularly magical) is at least different from anything that came out under the Huawei brand. 

The company shared no details on pricing or availability for the Honor Magic 2. 

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