Hudson's Hope fine-tuning new water source

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The District of Hudson’s Hope is working out the kinks in a new water source and treatment plant that went online in early February.

In a Feb. 24 notice to residents, the District says hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels have been higher than anticipated during the commissioning of the new water treatment plant.

Temporary changes to water taste, odour, and texture are expected while testing and monitoring is completed, the District said.

"The District and its consultant are aware of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and methane gas in the well water and the treatment plant has been designed to treat for these gases," the notice reads.

"The water has been tested and meets all Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines that affect health and safety. All the tests, as of to-date, have passed the Northern Health’s requirements. So be assured that water is safe to drink and use."

According to the notice, the treatment plant uses an aerator to strip off the gas from the well water.

"This aerator vents to exterior of the building and that’s why residents have noticed the smell outside," the notice states.

Mayor Dave Heiberg said there’s no danger to residents, with work already underway to remedy the issues.

“We switched from a river system to an aquifer system,” said Heiberg. “Public works guys are down there, as well as consultants and contractors, and they’re trying to fine tune it to the water that we used to have.”

The switch to groundwater was prompted by the Site C berm being built along the river.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News