Huge swarm of eerie fish surround scuba diver in the darkness

This scuba diver was exploring the waters off Komodo Island in Indonesia. It was a night dive and the group was making their way along a sandy bottom, hoping to see stargazers, a bizarre predatory angler fish that lies in wait under the sand for a meal to swim above it. The waters here are inhabited by sharks, large fish and marine animals that are mysterious and intimidating. Out of the corner of his eye, the diver saw movement and a large mass swirling toward him. His imagination told him it could be anything at all in this dark, underwater world. It turned out to be a swarm of harmless catfish that were hunting along the sand. They had been attracted by his light and the advantage that it gave them on their hunt. As thousands of the fish gathered around the diver, he lost sight of the group and even the ocean bottom. He tried to slowly move left and right but the school of fish followed, seemingly reluctant to leave the light beam. Mesmerizing and fascinating, this school of fish followed the diver for a while before disappearing into the darkness.