Hugh Hefner revealed he once went under the knife: 'There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery'

Marah Alindogan

Hugh Hefner was the picture of perfect health before his passing at the age of 91 -- and he ascribed that to his diet, genes and his sexually active lifestyle.

Despite feeling good, the media pioneer also wanted to look good, revealing in an interview with DailyMail back in 2007 that he had indeed gone under the knife: "There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery."

"I think it is absolutely fine for men -- I have already had teeth implants, and a few years ago I had a neck tuck," the "Playboy" founder admitted. Hugh, who was 81 at the time, also revealed at the time that he was thinking of having a face lift, but it's unclear whether he chose to go through with the procedure.

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Despite having minor surgeries here and there, he gives his parents most of the credit for his handsome looks: "The reason I look good is that I have good genes. I never work out."

Hefner added: "[My parents] always looked good and lived for a long time. Take care of yourself and have a good attitude."

He also admitted how his sexually active lifestyle played a role in his longevity.

"Sex, of course, keeps you fit and I sometimes take the girls dancing," the business mogul candidly said.

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Despite Hefner's shocking passing -- a tragedy that has taken many by surprise -- he truly lived a full life. In the same DailyMail interview 10 years ago, he claimed that he felt "better" than he did at 21.

He added: "I have three girlfriends, a hot TV show and a hugely popular men's magazine. Life just gets better and better."

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