Humane Society lending a hand to rabbit rescue group

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The Southern Alberta Humane Society is stepping up to help out Bunny Run Rabbit Rescue during difficult times.

The rabbit rescue organization is feeding feral domestic animals and has about 30 bunnies in its care. It is trying to find fosters and adoptions for the rabbits, and the humane society is using its platform to help out.

“We’re very limited with our fosters right now,” said Bunny Run’s Leissa Fode. “We have so many rabbits out there that we’d like to rescue, but we just can’t right now.

“With the cost of bedding and limited foster homes, it’s been an uphill battle.”

Fode says the feral domestic rabbits that are being fed are mostly in the Brier Park area.

“We feed them to socialize them, so when we go to catch them, they’re more tame,” she said. “It’s quite a situation in this city and we’re really hoping to get more adoptions.

“The more adoptions we have, the more bunnies we can rescue.”

The problem is caused by people releasing their pet bunnies into the wild. When released, the bunnies can reproduce every 28-30 days.

“They can have a litter of 10 to 13 bunnies,” said Fode. “It’s a hard problem to solve when they’re having so many bunnies.

“I think we could get Medicine Hat under control if we had more awareness and if people took their unwanted bunnies to a shelter or pound.”

The local humane society is posting rescued bunnies on its Facebook page in an adoptable album. SAHS will also have a Bunny Run jar for donations whenever it has a table set up at an event.

“They have been amazing to work with,” said Fode. “Their Facebook page will have so much information on bunnies that we’re working with and caring for.”

Mo Cranker, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News