Humboldt mayor proud of city’s efforts to build infrastructure, save money in 2022

As he looks back at 2022, Humboldt mayor Michael Behiel highlighted infrastructure work, the city’s efforts to save money in the face of inflation and efforts to make Humboldt more inclusive.

The mayor said the City of Humboldt took on a record amount of money to provide massive infrastructure work to improve the city parks, trails, replacing sewer lines and roadways. He is very proud of Humboldt’s trails and they continue to develop them more each year.

Behiel said he acknowledged the hard work and effort the city administration team has done thus far. With a year that saw record inflation, all municipal governments were working diligently in order to find ways to save money. Behiel said that last year, the city engaged the public about the city’s budget through a community survey. This survey was used to help council make hard decisions on what areas needed an increase or decrease in spending.

The mayor went on to say he is also very proud of the City of Humboldt and their work towards making Humboldt an inclusive city for everyone. Last year the City of Humboldt unveiled a Truth and Reconciliation mural by artist Kevin Peace, together with local students, that is dedicated to a community coming together, no matter your background. He was very proud of Humboldt’s First Annual Filipino Cultural Festival. Plans are already underway for the Second Annual.

Looking towards 2023, Behiel is excited that the 2023 Third Annual Saskatchewan International Film Festival which will be hosted in the City of Humboldt. He knows that there is still lots of work with many infrastructure projects on the go, and they hope to continue to provide the quality of services, that Humboldt’s residents have become to know.

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal