Humboldt wastewater treatment system tender awarded for $3.7 million

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Nexom Inc. is being contracted for $3.7 million plus taxes to design and implement treatment system upgrades at Humboldt’s existing wastewater lagoon.

“I’m quite happy we came in under budget,” Michael Behiel, Humboldt’s mayor. “It wasn’t significantly under budget, but it was a big concern of mine because of the fact we saw a lot of increases in costs and effectiveness due to COVID and we were already afraid we would have to restructure that kind of stuff.”

As of the past summer, the project has received a total of $25 million in combined government funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

The project seeks to upgrade the wastewater treatment system to meet effluent limits to be compliant with provincial and federal regulations, as well as expand treatment capacity.

The city currently has a traditional lagoon system which is constructed to accommodate a population of up to 6000 people, and is now near capacity. As a result, the system is being designed to increase our treatment capacity to a population of 10,000.

While the Manitoba company Nexom wasn’t the only bidder on the project, or the cheapest, they scored 93 out of an evaluated score of 100.

The work by Nexom will consist of the preliminary and detailed design, supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, and operator training for a wastewater lagoon upgrade system with all labour, materials, and equipment required.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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