Hundreds attend goodbye party for Compass team Bruce Rainnie and Kevin (Boomer) Gallant

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Hundreds attend goodbye party for Compass team Bruce Rainnie and Kevin (Boomer) Gallant

Hundreds of Islanders packed the Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown Thursday night to say goodbye to a dynamic duo who are also best friends — CBC News: Compass host Bruce Rainnie and weather specialist Kevin (Boomer) Gallant. 

After almost 14 years together on the supper-hour newscast, April 28 is the pair's last time hosting Compass. 

Bruce has accepted a job as the executive director of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame and Boomer is retiring after 31 years with CBC P.E.I. 

About 800 people filled the venue for the goodbye party and about 1200 were watching the live stream of the event on Facebook.

'You're never going to find a guy like this'

Island Morning host Matt Rainnie, Bruce's brother, hosted the event as Rainnie and Gallant shared their favourite memories, stories and interviews. 

"It's been a remarkable 14 years and what on on-air partner to have," Rainnie said. "I'll tell you something: I had a boss one time, one of our former general managers at CBC, tell me you're never going to find a guy like this. I wasn't going to marry him or anything but...." he said, as the crowd erupted in laughter.

The pair also entertained the crowd with a few musical numbers, including Gallant playing the part of the horse (sort of) in America's Horse With No Name.

The crowd watched highlights and bloopers of their careers at CBC P.E.I., including Gallant's signature Elvis impression.

The pair also thanked Compass viewers for all of the love and support they've shown over the years. 

Goodbyes from across the country

Then the team was surprised with some video goodbyes from the likes of CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge, singer-songwriters Lennie Gallant and Rose Cousins, sports broadcasters Ron MacLean and Scott Russell,‏ and Olympic gold medalist Heather Moyse, who was also there in person. 

Moyse said it meant a lot to her for Rainnie to mention covering her career as one of his highlights with CBC P.E.I. 

"He's kind of been there for more than just reporting the news that's happening in my life. He's also been there to help me brainstorm through decisions that I've made," said Moyse.

The night ended with one final number, the Frank Sinatra standard My Way rewritten slightly as "Our Way."

And people lined up to take pictures, chat and get autographs. 

Bruce and Boomer will be missed

"You know sometimes the news is dark, but it's nice that you can turn on the news at suppertime here with those two guys on and usually at some point they're going to lift you up," said viewer Bob Boyle. 

Compass watcher Drew Wall was pleased to be able to say goodbye. 

"I'm definitely going to miss seeing them. I wish them both well," said Wall. 

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