Hungry Kitten Adorably Falls Asleep During His Feeding

These tiny kittens are getting a helping hand at a beautiful animal sanctuary called the Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas. This shelter takes in and cares for the most needy and the most neglected animals, like Dougal, a truly adorable little kitten. He's doing well now, but for Dougal and his family, their story nearly ended in tragedy before they were born. Their mother was an underweight and poorly nourished cat who was allowed to become pregnant far too early in her young life. The owner found her through Facebook, advertised as a "free kitten". But soon after he took her home, she became pregnant. The owner took the mother to a shelter and abandoned her. Life at a shelter is usually short for pregnant cats, and for their babies as they are often the first ones sacrificed to solve the problems of overcrowding and lacking funds. Miraculously, the young mother's story came to the attention of Jennifer and Jim at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue. They couldn't let this mother and her babies be euthanized. Jennifer and Jim took the cat home and named her Diana, after the author of the popular book and TV series, Outlander. Two weeks later, Diana had her babies, Roger MacKenzie, Jenny Fraser Murray, Claire Beauchamp Fraser, James (Jamie) Alexander MacKenzie, and this sweet soul, Dougal MacKenzie. Diana was small and she was already struggling. She became very sick and was unable to provide her kittens with enough milk. Jennifer and Jim refused to give up on these adorable babies. Jennifer syringe fed them every two hours for three weeks until they were strong enough to eat gruel (milk replacer). Although their stories nearly ended in the worst way, they are now thriving and growing bigger by the day. Jennifer and Jim have found carefully selected forever homes for each of these beautiful babies. Every one will have a loving family and proper care. Here, we see Dougal enjoying his feeding and gulping down his dinner. But Dougal is a tired little boy and he can barely keep his eyes open. He's hungry and he's eager to eat, but his eyes are closing, even though his mouth is working hard to fill his tiny belly. No animal should be treated like Diana was. Black Dog Farm and Rescue continues to do the work they do only because of help and support from animal lovers like them. They refuse to give up on any creature who wants to live. Please support their rescue so they can provide food and medical care to mend beautiful souls like Diana and help them find their forever homes. Follow Black Dog Farm and Rescue (Texas) on Facebook for stories of hope and inspiration.