Hunter Biden asks for investigation of former business associate

Hunter Biden’s attorney is asking D.C. prosecutors to investigate his former business associate Tony Bobulinski, saying he repeatedly lied about their relationship and the dealings he witnessed.

“We recently received information demonstrating that numerous statements made by Mr. Bobulinski in Washington, D.C. during an interview with the FBI on October 23, 2020, concerning our client, Hunter Biden, are false,” Abbe Lowell, Biden’s attorney, wrote in a letter to U.S. attorney for D.C. Matthew Graves.

“Comparing the statements that Mr. Bobulinski made to the FBI with other communications of his or uncontradicted facts should result in an investigation as to whether the conduct of Mr. Bobulinski violated federal law—including, but not limited to, making materially false statements to the U.S. government in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001, and misleading a federal investigation,” the letter reads.

Bobulinski has been a key GOP witness for connecting President Biden to his son’s business dealings, claiming that an email discussing how they would distribute money from a deal with a Chinese company included keeping “10 [percent] held by H for the big guy” was referring to the president.

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According to the letter, Bobulinski told authorities the planned payouts were discussed in a meeting in Miami.

“Despite what Mr. Bobulinski told investigators to pretend he had firsthand knowledge, he was never in and did not attend this meeting in Miami on February 14, 2017,” Lowell wrote. “This is demonstrated by his own communications.”

Bobulinski, the attorney added, “is just making things up, as he did not attend (or even know about) the Miami meeting until after it occurred and has no basis in fact by which to assert that there was a reference to the ‘big guy’… or that it was a reference to Vice President Joe Biden.”

The 10-page letter goes through a number of Bobulinski’s alleged comments, but broadly takes issue with his insight into any Biden family matters.

“Mr. Bobulinski’s false statements are obviously made to greatly exaggerate Mr. Bobulinski’s shortlived business relationship with Mr. Biden in order to create a false narrative that Mr. Biden and [his brother] Jim Biden were somehow involved in off-the-books business with CEFC Chairman [Jianming} Ye while Joseph Biden was still Vice President,” Lowell wrote.

The letter likewise points to former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s book, which details his ties to the Trump campaign, citing that Bobulinski met with the former president’s team shortly before his meeting with the FBI.

“All of the allegations contained in Mr. Lowell’s 10 page letter to U.S. Attorney Graves are patently false, and I look forward to exposing these lies and laying out the facts in a public forum in short order,” Bobulinski said in a statement through his attorney Stefan Passantino.

Passantino previously represented a number of Trump staffers who appeared before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, and briefly represented Hutchinson.

“If Hunter Biden and the Biden family are so determined to ensure that the full truth is put before the American People, Hunter, Jim, Joe and I should all appear together before Congress, publicly and under oath,” Bobulinski added.

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