Hunter’s makeshift tree stand — held by 4 screws — prompts hilarious Oklahoma warning

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation appears to be exasperated over a — creative? Dangerous? Let’s go with terrifyingly dangerous — makeshift “stand” that someone had set up high in the branches of a tree in McIntosh County.

Seems like someone failed to consult their “Hunting for Dummies” book before heading out.

“Unfortunately, Miss Jackson we are for real. This “tree stand” was discovered on public land in McIntosh Co. by Warden Rowland,” the tweet from wildlife officials said. “Not only is this EXTREMELY NOT SAFE, it is EXTREMELY NOT LEGAL. IT WAS HELD IN BY FOUR SMALL SCREWS. Y can’t y’all find something safe to do?”

Yeah, that looks about as sturdy as a paper-mache house would be in a EF-5 tornado.

In order to promote hunting safety for adults, the department is holding an “Adult Hunter Education Course” that will cover “all of the subjects covered in a traditional hunter education course.”

We’re pretty sure trusting tiny screws and a kitchen chair to hold you high in the air is not one of the things covered in the course.

Folks on X, formally known as Twitter, were highly amused by the tweet, which — surprise! — included a popular Outkast song lyric.

You’re saying I need five screws?” one person jokingly asked.

Weren’t you the one telling folks to get outside more?” another asked.

Orthopedic surgeon here. Pro-tip: gravity wins,” someone chimed in. “Gravity *always* wins. And things like this are why I’ll always have a job.”

That’s not a tree stand, it’s a tree sit,” one noted.

McIntosh County is about 125 miles east of Oklahoma City.

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