Hunting In Packs

In "Hunting in Packs," part of the Hot Docs 2022 festival, Michelle Rempel Garner demonstrates her role as a mentor, as she gives advice to Conservative candidates Cyara Bird and Raquel Dancho.

Video Transcript

- Women have come a long way, but men still control most of the levers of power. I don't want to be part of a system where I'm saying that's OK. Like Sierra-- the people in my writing can't afford to give money either.

- Yeah.

- But they will.

- You are worth investing in.

- So anything that you think is going to be good-- that's the plot we're taking. You've got a lot more experience than I do, so--

- I know. I went through it, too. But now, I'm, like, (SINGING) you made the money. Give it here. I need it. These bitches need it. Give it to me.


- She's just so amazing. I just can't get over it.

- I don't know how brave she is, because she has so many haters. And she's just, like, "I don't care what they think."

- Yeah. I don't know about you--

- I think--