HUR reveals Russian losses in occupied Dzhankoy following successful strike

Military airfield in occupied Dzhankoy was attacked
Military airfield in occupied Dzhankoy was attacked

As a result of attack on military airfield in temporarily occupied Dzhankoy, S-400 missile launchers, radar stations, air defense control center, and airspace surveillance equipment were destroyed or damaged, HUR reported on Telegram on April 18.

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According to Main Intelligance Directorate(HUR), following equipment were destroyed or critically damaged as a result of strike on Dzhankoy airfield :

  • four launchers of the S-400 air defense system

  • three radar stations

  • air defense control center

  • Fundament-M airspace surveillance equipment

HUR noted that number of enemy aircraft destroyed or damaged and number of casualties among Russian army personnel is being clarified.

Ukrainian strike on Dzhankoy airfield

Explosions occurred in temporarily occupied Dzhankoy in Crimea on April 17. Local residents reported that fires broke out in area of local military airfield.

39th Helicopter Regiment of 27th Mixed Aviation Division of 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command of Southern Military District of Russian Army and three aviation squadrons were stationed at Dzhankoy airfield.

According to Krymskiy Veter public group, strike destroyed three S-400 launchers and two S-300.

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Social network users also reported that strike resulted in deaths and injuries among Russian military personel.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on attack on Dzhankoy in his evening address on April 17, noting that Armed Forces "carried out the right strike." He thanked military for their accuracy.

Spokesman for Ukrainian Volunteer Army South, Serhiy Bratchuk, said that after Ukrainian attack of airfield in Dzhankoy, Russian troops moved planes and helicopters to airfield in Kirovske.

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