Huron County to provide financial support for vaccine clinics

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HURON COUNTY – Local municipalities who are feeling the cost pressures related to hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinics may soon get some relief through the Safe Restart Agreement Funding received in 2020, and the COVID Municipal Operating Fund received in 2021, according to a report presented on Dec. 15 to Huron County council.

The county has approximately $1.5 million in available COVID Safe Restart Agreement Funding and COVID Municipal Operating Funding available to support the county operational requirements to mitigate the impacts of COVID.

Treasurer and Director of Corporate Services Michael Blumhagen presented the report, which said, “Local municipalities have seen some significant cost pressures as a result of hosting COVID-19 vaccine clinics. These are cost pressures above and beyond municipal governments’ normal course of operations. The province has recognized the burden associated with addressing COVID and has provided funding to address operational pressures.”

Blumhagen told council that staff is currently investigating ways to provide some funding supports to municipal partners “who have incurred direct costs related to supporting the clinics in their communities, above and beyond the course of their existing budgets and normal operations.”

County staff is currently working with their legal counsel to draft an agreement to support funding requirements to assist with vaccine clinics.

This agreement will be required to be in place, along with a review of expenses by the county treasurer, before any funding is provided.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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