Huron County, North Huron formalize day camp agreement, authorize subsidies

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NORTH HURON – Huron County introduced a new process this year that requires day camp service providers to enter into a formalized agreement with the county due to the legal and financial implications associated with the program’s delivery.

On Monday, North Huron council authorized an agreement between the County of Huron and the township to provide fee subsidies for eligible participants registered in the North Huron Day Camp Program.

Vicky Luttenberger, North Huron’s director of recreation and community services, explained the process in a report to council at its July 5 meeting.

“On an annual basis, Huron County subsidizes the program registration fees of eligible participants registered in approved children’s day camp programs,” Luttenberger’s report said. “To receive the approved subsidies, service providers are required to meet a number of criteria and have specific policies and procedures in place.”

She explained that in previous years the managerial or supervisory staff could “attest whether a day camp program provider satisfied the criteria and had the required policies in place.”

Starting this year, the formal agreement, which clearly explains the terms and conditions, is required to be considered an approved program and an eligible recipient of the subsidy fees.

“Staff have received and reviewed the service provider agreement prepared by the County of Huron for the North Huron Day Camp Program,” the report said.

“As mentioned, the service provider agreement requires day camp programs to develop and implement specific policies and procedures. The requirements listed in the agreement are the same as those required in the past. For this reason, staff have no concerns.”

The county’s recreation guidelines are modelled after The Ontario Child Care and Family Support Program Service Management 2021 and Funding Guidelines, and the Child Care and Early Years Act regulations.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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