Husband cries when wife surprises him with his parents: ‘I know you needed your mama’

A woman brought her husband to tears with an emotional surprise: his parents.

Influencer @therichblackwoman and her family had a wrench thrown in their plans when they were forced to move 20 hours away from home instead of three. It meant that, for the first time ever, her husband was living far away from his parents — so she decided to bring his parents to him. He had no clue.

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“We expected to move to Charlotte, but god redirected us to Houston… 20 hours away instead of 4,” she said. “This was tough on my husband because he’s never moved away from home permanently.”

She drove her husband and her two children to the airport (under false pretenses). Then, she told them to “look that way.” Sure enough, her in-laws had just landed.

Her husband immediately started to tear up, but he wasn’t the only one moved. The two children gleefully ran into their grandma and grandpa’s arms. But her beau still needed a minute to collect himself. He was overcome with emotion.

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“Anything you need I got you. And you needed your parents,” she told her husband as he stood in shock. “I hated to lie to you but I know you needed your mama. Some stuff your wife can’t do.”

The moving video racked up 13.4 million views and 2.5 million likes on TikTok.

“THIS IS A WIFE, every mother-in-law’s dream!! An amazing daughter-in-law,” a user said.

“What an amazing wife you are to realize your husband still needs his parents and you did what you had to do to get them there,” another wrote.

“This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. You guys are goals!” a TikToker replied.

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