Hussar village council prioritizes infrastructure projects

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Hussar council has prioritized some of its planned infrastructure projects over the next several years due to current and ongoing concerns.

Two projects, which were planned to be completed in 2023, have now been moved to a planned completion in 2026 and another project has been prioritized for next year in their place.

“Due to the recent water and sewer breaks along Project 6 (1 Avenue West from Centre Street to 1 Street West) they decided to push Projects 1 (1 Avenue East from 2 Street to 1 Street East) and 4 (lane at 1 Street, south of 1 Avenue) back to 2026 and proceed with Project 6 for 2023,” Hussar Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kate Brandt told the Mail.

Council was presented with a quote of $946,622 from CIMA+ to complete Project 6 and CAO Brandt noted this will not impact the budget until 2023.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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