Hussar withdraws from Wheatland Regional Corporation board

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Residents of Rosebud and Redland were connected to the Wheatland Regional Corporation (WRC) waterline as part of the third phase of construction in December 2020, and the Village of Hussar was slated to be connected in Phase 4.

However, Hussar council discussed the decision not to proceed with Phase 4 of construction during their regular council meeting on Thursday, February 11; council also discussed withdrawing from the WRC board.

“We currently operate on well water, and we do not foresee needing regional water, so council made the decision to be removed from the corporation and the board altogether and remain on our well water,” said Kate Brandt, Chief Administrative Officer for the village.

As Hussar is not tied in to the waterline there has been no financial impact for the village to withdraw to the corporation, aside from per diem charges for council to attend WRC board meetings according to CAO Brandt.

A decision regarding the village’s shares in the corporation had not been made at the time of publication, though CAO Brandt notes she anticipates they will be “split equally between the remaining members.”

Wheatland County presented WRC with a utility costing model in December 2020, and WRC was asked to return to council following the board’s annual budget meeting.

Several budget scenarios were discussed during the WRC budget meeting.

However, Wheatland County gave WRC a 90 day notice to terminate the interservice agreement.


Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail