Hydro crews work to restore power in Toronto neighbourhoods in aftermath of storms

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A large tree had fallen onto a vehicle overnight on Bessborough Drive in Leaside. (Pelin Sidki/CBC - image credit)
A large tree had fallen onto a vehicle overnight on Bessborough Drive in Leaside. (Pelin Sidki/CBC - image credit)

Intense thunderstorms rolled through the city on Tuesday night, knocking out power in some Toronto neighbourhoods and damaging trees.

Toronto Hydro responded to two power outages in the city Wednesday morning in Leslieville and Leaside. Power was restored early in the morning in Leslieville and later on to the bulk of homes in Leaside. As of Wednesday afternoon, between 1 and 50 customers remain in the dark in Leaside.

"We continue to work together with forestry crews to make repairs and bring power back to customers in Leaside," Toronto Hydro said in a tweet Wednesday morning.

Environment Canada meteorologist Weiqing Zhang told CBC Radio's Metro Morning on Wednesday that there were three rounds of thunderstorms — one around 7 p.m., another around midnight and then another early this morning.

Most of the damage was caused by the heavy rainfall, she said, which was recorded as between 30 to 50 millimeters overnight.

This was unusually high rainfall for such a short period of time, she said, and would be more typical over a 24-hour period.

Weather radars had also picked up signs of hail, she said.

Douglas Wright, a resident in Leaside, said he and his wife had trouble sleeping through the night because of the rain and hail.

"Last night, about 3 o'clock, it really stormed. The lights went out and the air conditioning went off," Wright said. "Later on, it tried to come back on but there was a loud bang and it was gone again."

Pelin Sidki/CBC
Pelin Sidki/CBC

His wife, Linda Wright, said it was the third time in the past few years where branches from a tree on their street had been knocked down by a storm and caused damage.

"A bit of a mess, but not as bad as last time," she said.

Pelin Sidki/CBC
Pelin Sidki/CBC
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