Hyena walking on two legs spotted again in the African wild

This video shows the bizarre looking sight of a hyena walking on two legs. We spotted this hyena for the first time nearly a year ago, as seen in this previous video https://rumble.com/v1h0owx-safari-tourist-films-bizarre-looking-sight-of-a-hyena-walking-on-two-legs.html While hyenas have a reputation of being scary looking and dangerous animals, they are for sure some of the toughest animals out in the African bush. Hyenas are the main scavengers of the African bush and the number one enemy of lions. It was during a recent safari that we came across this bizarre looking hyena, walking around on two legs. What made this sighting even more special was that we spotted the same hyena almost a year ago. I was really amazed and happy to know that the hyena was still alive, still surviving on its own and doing fine, despite of its disability. Surviving in a hostile environment such as the African bush is remarkable for an animal that can’t even use all four its legs to hunt or run away from danger. This hyena very well knows what danger is. The hyena lost the function of its two back legs after it got attacked by a lion, leaving its hips and two back legs in a paralyzed state. The hyena had no other choice but to adapt and so it learned how to walk in such a strange looking manner. This is not something you see often out in the African wild. We can only hope that this hyena will keep going and survive out in the wild on its own.