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I tried a cult-favorite mop with 13,000 perfect Amazon reviews — and now I'm actually excited to clean

Great mops are hard to find. In fact, research indicates that over 40% of us replace our mops at least once a year (some of us as frequently as every few months). That's not counting all the single-use mop pads and wipes we're regularly throwing out, wasting hard-earned money and needlessly contributing to landfills.

As a longtime apartment dweller with hardwood floors, I'm accustomed to throwing cash at temporary mops and the occasional replacement broom. The thought of a traditional mop and wringer system has always been intimidating, with visions of soppy, sloppy mops and heavy, leaky buckets coming to mind. Also, with minimal closet and storage space, I just don't have the room.

Then I caught wind of the top-rated Joymoop Mop and Wringer Set. After witnessing how my sister-in-law used it to save me from one particularly sticky situation, I wondered if it was too good to be true. Read on for my review, plus more on what my sister-in-law — along with at least 13,000 happy reviewers — are saying about the "best mop ever."

Thousands of Amazon reviewers agree: The Joymoop Mop and Wringer Set makes everyday cleaning a breeze.

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My mop epiphany

My first experience with the Joymoop Mop and Wringer Set came at a family party. I’d purchased what I didn’t realize was a very messy dinosaur discovery egg as a last-minute add-on to my nephew’s birthday gift. As much fun as he and my nieces had chiseling away at its contents, they were left covered in chalk — as was my brother’s kitchen floor — on a school night, no less. The "bad aunt" guilt was real.

I was mid-apology when my sister-in-law told me not to worry, grabbed her Joymoop and wringer, and effectively saved my butt (er, the day). A busy mom of two small kids, she told me how much she relies on the Joymoop to clean up everyday spills and make quick work of bigger cleaning projects — and how it was just as easy to use as it was to empty and put away.

How I tested the Joymoop

Intrigued (and thankful, as always, to have a really great sister-in-law), I purchased the Joymoop Mop and Wringer Set from Amazon. It arrived in a compact box, complete with the brand’s signature mop wringer/bucket, extendable mop handle and base, and three washable microfiber mop pads. I’d been anticipating its arrival and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) was excited to clean, so I wasted no time getting everything in gear — and I’m happy to report that setup was super easy.

I turned the mop head over to attach one of the reusable pads and clicked the mop handle into place. (Joymoop advises aligning the three slots on the pad with the three tabs on the mop head, then firmly pressing down along the Velcro side of the mop head to secure the base.) I filled the bucket with water and some floor cleaner, and I was ready to get to work.

I loved how the mop goes through a slot in the clean-water chamber to capture excess moisture (you can also use the dry mop section as an additional squeegee). The rectangular mop head also easily gets into corners that are otherwise hard to reach. Because the Joymoop doesn't get sopping wet, you don't need as many passes to clean up messes, and it doesn't take long for floors to air out afterward. The compact bucket was also easy to move. When I finished my test-drive (I’ve used this thing countless times since), cleanup and storage were a cinch. You just wring out the mop, empty the bucket and allow it to dry before putting it away. Bonus: It fit in my small laundry closet.

joymoop review
joymoop review

What reviewers are saying

But you don’t need to take it from me: With more than 13,000 perfect reviews, the Joymoop Mop and Wringer Set has impressed an entire community of Amazon shoppers.

"A great mop!" exclaimed one verified shopper. "It made light work of mopping the floors. I’ve also used it to clean walls as well. [It makes] what would normally be a long and tiring task that hurts my back into an easy and fast task that doesn't hurt my back. I love the size of the bucket. Makes for easy storage, especially if you don’t have a lot of space."

"I hate mopping. This mop is the best mop ever," another reviewer said. "It makes the task less tedious, it’s so easy to use and really easy to clean. There’s something so satisfying about dumping out that dirty water! It wets the floors but isn’t soaking wet. I use warm water and a little bit of dish soap and my floors have never been cleaner."

"Easy to use," confirmed a third buyer. "We use this several times a day for quick pickups and daily cleanup of the kitchen. We have multiple dogs ranging from 5 pounds to 70 pounds and this is perfect for a quick cleanup when they have an accident. ... I love that when it does get dirty, I’m able to throw the washpad in the washer. This is our second one to buy. We had the previous one for three years and it still works, but will be giving it to our daughter to take to her apartment.”

"Give it a chance!" said a fourth reviewer. "I ended up being pleasantly surprised by how solid it feels in hand. This is quite a bit more durable than any other household floor cleaning tool I've used (except the ancient wooden-handled string mop of my youth). Finally, my favorite feature on the mop has to be the larger, pliable foam handle cover with a hanging loop. Though I’m sure there are several reasons to enjoy this feature, for me it was all about getting a better, more comfortable grip as I have injured hands."

The Joymoop's reusable pads don't get sopping wet, making it easy to clean floors without making an even bigger mess.

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