‘I wish I never breastfed my baby’

(Photo: Instagram/maddi_and_lloyd)

One mom’s divisive post is going viral on Instagram.

Reality TV star Maddie Carter posted a picture of her and her tot and penned a post explaining why she regrets breastfeeding her son — and the reason she’s stopped.

“Three weeks post stopping breastfeeding with my 4-month-old I am a completely different person,” she writes. “I’m a better mom and better wife. I have more energy. I actually have gaps where bub is NOT on my body so I get to miss him a little.”

Carter continues to list the benefits of no longer having to breastfeed saying, “I have more time for my other son. I am more affectionate towards my husband. I don’t dread going out in public. I enjoy my clothes again as I’m not leaking everywhere or having to wear uncomfortable maternity bras. I’m able to leave the house by myself without getting anxiety. I’m able to go to the gym again.”

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Even before launching into her laundry list of pros, Carter prefaced her post saying it was “a strong statement” and that she knew “many would disagree.” Boy, was she right.

“If [you] are not mentally strong and breastfeeding puts you over the edge maybe it’s not the time to have kids. I may even suggest some people should not have children,” wrote one commenter.

Another said, “Lazy, lazy, lazy, moms giving up breast feeding because it was a little hard. Makes me sick to see everyone think it’s normal to give up. I agree with Gisele that should be a law requiring moms to breastfeed for 6 months because so many lazy moms cop out.”

But there were some who supported the Queensland mom.

“Thanks for posting this! We should stop the blaming and shaming and do what we feel is best for our and our baby’s mental and physical health.”

“I totally agree with you – well done for having the balls to say it out loud! Happy mum happy baby is my mantra!” shared another commenter.

Whether you’re team “breast is best” of team “fed is best,” can’t we all agree that a mother’s decision to breastfeed is hers and hers alone? What are your thoughts on Carter’s post? Let us know by tweeting us @YahooStyleCA.

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