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I wore this $13 belt bag at Disney World and it made my visit so much easier

If you're a frequent Disney-goer, like me, you absolutely need a belt bag. In a bout of midlife-crisis nostalgia some years back, I returned to Walt Disney World for my 40th birthday for the first time in two decades, and I've found myself there multiple times a year, ever since. I am no novice. And I can tell you, you need to lighten your load as much as possible for a full day in the parks. I just returned from a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, and this time I brought with me an amazing life hack I will now never go without: the Ododos Mini Belt Bag, a No. 1 bestseller at Amazon.

Looking for a do-it-all, go-anywhere belt bag? This is it. The adjustable strap keeps it close to the chest — literally.

$13 at Amazon

The affordable belt bag looks and functions just like a certain Lululemon version. I can tell you that it's essentially the same, sans logo. And, yes, I am officially a convert.

Woman wearing fanny pack and fanny pack.
Even Eeyore appreciated the handy adjustable strap of this brilliant belt bag. (Jessica Becker/Amazon)

Here's the skinny:

The Ododos is the same size as Lulu's wildly popular belt bag and has similar dividers and pockets. It features a large mesh pocket inside that fits any size phone and two smaller mesh pockets, which were perfect for my lip balm and hand sanitizer.

Another zipper pocket on the exterior sits close to your body, ideal for credit cards or your phone. This little wonder was so spacious it even fit a small water bottle. (Not shown, my sunglasses and a half-eaten churro.)

belt pack
The surprisingly roomy belt bag even fit a small water bottle. (Jessica Becker)

The other feature I love is its ability to easily adjust from fanny pack to shoulder bag. The strap lengthens for when I wanted it over the shoulder, which was a good option when going on certain rides, like Thunder Mountain or the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. More important, it was comfortable, for both me and Eeyore, but I regress ... I mean, digress.

Really, I barely noticed I was wearing it, so light is this bag! The strap is wide enough that it's comfortable and stable — no digging into your shoulder or hip. An unobtrusive bag, yet everything was at my fingertips when I needed it.

I opted for black, so it would blend in, but it comes in a bevy of beautiful colors — 44 shades to be exact! I might just get another.

Black belt bag on a person wearing a polka dot cardigan
Me, wearing more Minnie-inspired polka dots than any grown woman should wear, and my handy-dandy belt pack. (Jessica Becker)

My traveling companion, age 11, wore this bag at times, as well, and the size fit him just as comfortably. He commented, "I love this bag," on more than one occasion, allowing him to carry his own set of necessities, like water, a snack and Mickey Mouse lip balm.

I'll be taking this belt bag with me on all of my vacations going forward, for sure. I give it five stars — I couldn't find any flaws! Just like Disney World itself, it allows you to live in the moment and hakuna matata.

This No.1 bestseller boasts a secret pocket on the back that provides a safe haven for your phone or credit cards and ID. 

$14 at Amazon

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