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I write about kitchen products for a living, and my cluttered fridge could really use these Amazon organizers

From egg holders to can dispensers, these space-savers will have your appliance looking shipshape this spring.

hand taking a fridge organizer out of a neat-looking fridge
Get yourself some fridge organizers and transform your most-used kitchen appliance for spring. (Getty Images)

We haven't quiiite reached spring cleaning season, but it's fast approaching — and there's no harm in getting a jump start. Take your fridge, for instance. Does it look like a grocery aisle exploded all over it? (Mine does!) And when was the last time you peeked at the contents in the back? Decluttering your fridge can help you avoid tossing moldy, spoiled food you forgot was there while also freeing up space. With the right products, maintaining an orderly appliance is a breeze, and Amazon has a slew of affordable fridge organizers to keep things tidy. Here are my picks.

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Once you start using fridge organizer bins, you'll wonder how you went all those years without them. This No. 1 bestselling set includes eight clear containers for sorting your fruits, vegetables, condiments, canned goods, drinks and more, giving everything a dedicated place for a more orderly interior. The built-in handles make them easy to pull in and out, and since they're transparent, you'll be able to see everything you stashed in them. 

"I am all about organization, especially in the fridge," wrote a reviewer. "These bins are amazing! They have helped with space issues in our refrigerators and have collected liquids that would have otherwise spilled over and made a giant mess on our shelves."

$19 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling fridge lazy Susan was designed to maximize space while minimizing food waste. It's rectangular to make the best use of your fridge shelves, and it rotates 360 degrees so you can easily see — and remember — everything you have before it spoils. 

"Gone are the days of old sauces, jars and containers getting stuck in the back of the fridge to turn into a forgotten fuzzy science experiment," shared an impressed shopper. "This amazing turntable makes everything on the tray really easy to grab and find, we are a lot less wasteful because we have access to it all on the turntable. We love it!"

$18 at Amazon

"Chick" this out: This egg holder has slots for 14 eggs and a lid so you can stack other items on top to make better use of the room in your fridge. Not only is its sleek, clear design more aesthetically pleasing than a cardboard carton, it also lets you see your egg inventory.

"I LOVE how these make my fridge look like an Instagram fridge," raved a happy buyer. "It's also a great way to see how many eggs I have left without having to open any containers."

$12 at Amazon

Isn't it annoying when you go to reach for something in the fridge, only for all of your water bottles to topple over? If you're tired of playing bottle bowling, this large bin holds water on its side to prevent that from happening (it fits up to nine standard bottles). 

"This is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you have it," explained a shopper. "Before, I hated having to reach down and in the back of the fridge to grab a bottle of water. After buying this, it freed up a good amount of space in the fridge, and made getting a water bottle so much easier. ... Now my refrigerator looks a lot more organized!"

$15 at Amazon

Tired of having to clear a path to get to soda or beer at the back of the fridge? No more: This bestselling dispenser is a sleek solution for an overcrowded fridge. It fits up to 10 standard 12-ounce cans, and when you remove the one at the front, another one automatically rolls down to replace it. By stacking the cans atop one another, you're making better use of shelf space (and freeing up more room for snacks). 

"This is a must-have fridge organizer if you usually keep a lot of canned drinks on hand," said a reviewer. "Saves space, looks more put-together and the cans roll to the front when you take one out. I would recommend!"

$10 at Amazon

Not only does this egg dispenser let you track your inventory every time you open the fridge, it also allows you to organize your eggs from oldest to newest. You'll want to place older ones towards the front to ensure you use those up first — no more money wasted on rotten eggs! If you're short on room, this holder also saves space thanks to its two-tiered design. See? You can count your chickens before they're hatched.

Wrote one satisfied shopper: "I came across this egg dispenser and thought, why not? I've never looked back since. What an amazing way to save space and give yourself easy access to your eggs without having to remove something, open the lid, close it and put it back. Isn’t that what it's all about? I swear I'm not lazy, I just love convenience!"

$17 at Amazon

A single yogurt container might not use up much space, but anyone who buys 'em in bulk knows how quickly they can take over. This nifty adhesive strip sticks to the side of your fridge to save room on the shelves and holds up to four containers of yogurt — just slide them in!

"I was actually surprised [by] how well it stays fastened," said an impressed user. "I adhered it on the upper-left side of my fridge where it gets the most clearance. Most of my shelves are occupied by hanging drawers underneath, so this 'flexibility' helped a lot. For how simplistic the design is, it's a priceless addition to my fridge."

$13 at Amazon

True to their name, these Food Huggers stretch over the cut sides of your fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh for longer, and they take up far less space in your fridge than Tupperware. Plus, they're reusable, so you can save on plastic wrap and freezer bags. 

"These little caps have saved so much produce from spoiling!" exclaimed a fan. "Wish I'd had them for years. Would purchase again or give as a gift."

$18 at Amazon

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