Ice Spice Showed Off Her Tramp Stamp in a Thong Monokini — See Photos

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To say that rapper Ice Spice loves the 2000s is an understatement. The musician has fully embraced the Y2K aesthetic not just via her closet but with her music; her forthcoming album is actually titled Y2K! and will be released this month. To get fans excited about the new music, Ice Spice showed off her very Y2K lower back tattoo, also known as tramp stamp tattoo, in a thong monokini while teasing a new song.

The tattoo makes a cameo in Ice Spice's latest photo dump from her time in between European festival stops. In the short video, she's walking on the beach in a light pink thong monokini suit with her lower back tattoo on full display, her long orange hair swishing and swaying as she moves.

<h1 class="title">Ice Spice Showed Off Her Tramp Stamp in a Thong Monokini — See Photos</h1><cite class="credit">Screenshot. Courtesy of Ice Spice/Instagram @icespice</cite>

Ice Spice Showed Off Her Tramp Stamp in a Thong Monokini — See Photos

Screenshot. Courtesy of Ice Spice/Instagram @icespice

Ice Spice got the tattoo in November 2023, and it's the ultimate '00s-inspired tramp stamp design. Her tattoo looks af if it was inked in 2003 instead of 2023, and you know that's the ultimate commitment to an aesthetic!

The lower back tattoo has experienced a resurgence in recent years thanks to the popularity of all things late-'90s and early 2000s, so Ice Spice's design fits right in with the trend but still feels very true to her personal style.

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Elsewhere in the carousel of pics and videos, we see Ice Spice posing in a green lace catsuit and strapless leopard print minidress, working out in a pink shorts outfit, and sharing a few pics of her now-signature duck nails. These looks fit right in with her go-to throwback outfits and accessories, like teeny mini skirts and sparkling statement necklaces.

Ice Spice's Y2K! album comes out on July 26, so pull out your favorite velour hoodie and matching sweats, book a French manicure, and get ready to throw it back to the '00s with Ice Spice.

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