Iconic Fitz's Cold Beer sign is now a sold beer sign — for $4,300 to Mount Pearl brewery

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The Fitz's Cold Beer sign was loaded into its new home at Landwash Brewery in Mount Pearl on Tuesday. (Mike Moore/CBC - image credit)
The Fitz's Cold Beer sign was loaded into its new home at Landwash Brewery in Mount Pearl on Tuesday. (Mike Moore/CBC - image credit)
Mike Moore/CBC
Mike Moore/CBC

A Mount Pearl brewery is now the proud owner of an iconic sign that hung over a St. John's storefront for the better part of 40 years.

The Fitz's Cold Beer sign and Fitz himself garnered a lot of attention in recent days after the sign hit the auction block at the Bartlett Auction House.

Chris Conway, partner and general manager of Landwash Brewery, said Tuesday he watched the auction from the beginning.

"I retweeted about it pretty early on when it was just at $1,000 and kind of commented that it's not going to stay at the number for long," said Conway.

"Yesterday evening I was speaking with some of our business partners and we kind of decided, as a team at the brewery, to take it on."

When the auction ended Landwash Brewery came away with a big — in stature and nostalgia — piece of N.L. beer history, for $4,300.

The money is going toward cancer care at the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre in St. John's, something the family of former owner John Fitzpatrick said was part of their plan after they closed the Topsail Road business following Fitzpatrick's death from cancer in May 2021.

As somebody who has an interest in the history of beer in Newfoundland and Labrador and its memorabilia, Conway said, he always loved the Fitz's sign.

Mike Moore/CBC
Mike Moore/CBC

"It's a pretty iconic sign," he said.  "When we saw it go on auction we just though the brewery would be the perfect place to house it for the future."

A cold beer and a museum piece

Landwash wants to keep the sign on display, said Conway, and plans to hang it up inside the brewery.

"As soon as we get it in the building we're going to get it mounted, get it lit up, make sure everybody can see it," said Conway.

"We're going to put a little plaque underneath it to kind of celebrate the history of it. So it will be kind of like a little bit of a museum piece when you come into the brewery."

Fitz's Cold Beer/Facebook
Fitz's Cold Beer/Facebook

And paying homage to Fitzpatrick doesn't end there.

Conway said there are plans for something special in the fall.

"We're hoping, perhaps in the fall, to do a Fitz's Cold Beer-inspired beer and maybe use some of the classic sign on the label," he said.

"We'd really want to do that. That was one of the big interest points."

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