Iconic memes that have made us LOL through the decade

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In the last decade or so, especially after the extensive digitisation brought about by the Internet, we have become even more creative in our communication methods in the process to stand out among the clutter. 

With the SMS message language's brevity spilt over into our offline communication, we tried to communicate all we wished to communicate using the least amount of words without losing the substance. 

The long printed articles became blogs which then evolved into Vlogs thanks to YouTube. 

Memes transcend beyond a single format. 

And many memes became popular only because of the fact that they could be adapted easily for any relevant situation. 

Here are some of the iconic and unforgettable memes of the decade:

'Bhai Land Karaade!'

Vipin Sahu might have decided to seek some thrilling moments when he decided to go paragliding but once he was actually up there, his instant regret was evident to the entire internet from his unfiltered rant and he became quite a popular meme for a long time:

First World Problems

This meme first originated in 2011 and are largely whiney frustrations and complaints faced by privileged individuals. 

First world problem
First world problem

Mature Bag:

Vaibhav Vora, AKA the Mature Bag Guy saw overnight fame that resulted in more brand endorsements after his TikTok video on how to be more attractive in college became instantly viral. 

The bag itself became one of the sensations on Amazon.

Disappointed Fan

Back in 2019, during the match of Pakistan vs. Australia, as the camera pulled away from the match and focused on the audience, the internet got its next viral meme.

JCB ki Khudai

This was one of the bizarre and random memes to go viral for no reason at all, people were getting fascinated to watch the JCB digger in action. 

Several people crowded the real digging sites as well and the internet was flooded with memes.

Woman yelling at a Cat

What happens when a reality TV star and an Instagram star come together on the internet? A new meme is born!

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills's Taylor Armstrong's screen-grab was placed beside Instagram's favourite Smudge the Cat, they spread across the internet like wildfire.

Kiki Challenge

This challenge was inspired by the song In My Feelings by Drake and involved jumping out of a moving car, grooving to the song and jumping back in. 

This challenge gained a wider reach once the celebrities also hopped on the bandwagon. 

It became so dangerous that it was declared a nuisance and a punishable offence by the cops across the globe. 

Distracted Boyfriend

What started off as a stock upload by a photographer not only became a meme but also quickly escalated to the internet sleuths actually piecing together the entire set of the stock footage to tell a story.

Gormint Aunty

When a journalist in Pakistan asked a woman her point of view regarding the government, she went on an abusive rant against the government... except that she kept pronouncing 'Government' as 'Gormint'. People related to it and made it a Viral Meme.

Vibing Cat

This one's a classic. When a visually impaired Turkish street musician uploaded his drumming skills on the internet, little did he know about how popular he would become — all thanks to someone to juxtaposed a video of a 'vibing cat' to it. 

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