Igloo building, dog team races set for event-packed weekend in Iqaluit

Igloo building, dog team races set for event-packed weekend in Iqaluit

It is an activity packed weekend in Iqaluit after Toonik Tyme events were rescheduled from last week.

Bad weather in the city and on the land, as well as a lack of seals for the seal-skinning event caused events to be postponed.

Travis Cooper, president of Toonik Tyme, said that while the seal hunters came back with no catch last week, things have changed, setting the stage for this weekend.

"Throughout the week working with some of the local hunters they were able to go out and get some over the last couple of days and now we've got three seals that will be ready for Saturday's event," he said.

While there have been delays, Cooper says Toonik Tyme events are going well.

"It's been quite busy but everybody is having a good time, which is good to see."

Looking to get out to the festival this weekend? Here's the schedule. 


5:30 p.m. Snowmobile drag races on the sea ice

6 p.m.Giant Bingo at Inuksuk High School

8 p.m. Big Band Night, with Northern Haze, Trade Offs, and Riit, at the Royal Canadian Legion


10 a.m. Giant Craft Fair at the Curling Rink

10:30 a.m. Dog Team Races starting at the breakwater

12 p.m. Uphill Races at Hospital Hill

12:30 p.m. Igloo Building Contest next to the courthouse

2 p.m. Traditional Games at Nakasuk Field

3 p.m. Seal skinning at Nakasuk Field

6 p.m. Closing ceremony and community feast at the Curling Rink