Illegal alcohol distilling equipment seized from North Texas home, TABC officials say

Agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission recently found and seized illegal distilling equipment from a North Texas home, TABC officials said in a press release Wednesday.

The still, which was found in a Johnson County residence Sept. 1, was in operable condition and capable of manufacturing illicit alcohol, officials said. The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Code prohibits anyone from possessing distillation equipment without a TABC Distiller’s and Rectifier’s Permit.

A person at the home admitted owning the still, according to the release. Possessing illegal distilling equipment is considered a misdemeanor in Texas and punishable by a fine of $100-$1,000. The case is still being investigated.

TABC officials said an anonymous tip led them to the still.

“This operation exemplifies TABC’s commitment to properly enforcing the law and ensuring the safety and integrity of the alcoholic beverage industry in Texas,” TABC Executive Director Thomas Graham said in the release.