Illegal parking blocks Halifax fire station

Illegal parking blocks Halifax fire station

An illegally parked vehicle prevented a Halifax fire truck from responding to an emergency call Monday morning, prompting an outcry from Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Service.

The call came in just before 8 a.m. to Fire Station 3 on West Street in central Halifax.

The station's aerial truck, which is over 14 metres long, couldn't leave the station.

'They couldn't make the turn'

"As it made the turn, there was a truck parked across the road and the officer realized that they couldn't make the turn," deputy fire Chief Roy Hollett said.

"They called dispatch and let them know that they wouldn't make that response and if they could have a Halifax Police vehicle show up to ticket and tow the vehicle."

$61.60 fine for first offence

Parking is banned on a wide swath of street in front of the station to enable the longer fire trucks to make the turn.

Hollett said fortunately no one was harmed by the delayed response. But he said similar issues are cropping up at two other stations in the city as well, where vehicles are stopping or parking illegally in front of the station doors.

Hollett points out it's illegal, and offending vehicles can be ticketed and towed and the owner fined $61.60 for a first offence.