I'm Dying Laughing At These Scammers Who Tried To Rip People Off And Got Totally And Completely Destroyed In The Process This Past Year

Honestly, it feels like part of just being alive in 2023 is getting about 15 scammer or spam texts every single day. It can be enough to drive one absolutely cuckoo. Join me, if you will, as we look at some people who absolutely dunked on some sorry scammers. Take, for example...

1.The person who needed a bit of clarification from a scammer:

2.The person who was kind enough to sign a scammer up for a helpful new service:

scammer gets signed up for a service called mallard facts and gets annoyed
u/lord_voltan / Via

3.The person who only wanted to make their scammer a new dental patient:

4.The person who just tried to be nice to Karina:

5.The person who learned from a scammer that sometimes "anything" does not mean "anything":

6.The person who was just trying to give a scammer a deal:

person responds to a scammers ask for grand pianos and the scammer ignores it

7.The person who reminded a scammer of the good times they had together:

scammer asks if a person remembers them and they say yes you killed my dog
u/occamsracer / Via

8.The person who gave a scammer a little pro tip:

scammer tries to scam 20 people at once, but it creates a group chat
u/Psychological-Task16 / Via

9.The person who took control of the scamming situation:

person does the exact same scam on a scammer as they tried to pull
u/dakr1177 / Via

10.The person who cut right to the chase with a scammer:

11.The person who had to let a scammer know some unfortunate news:

person tells a scammer they are going to be executed
u/stopmakingsmells / Via

12.The person who let a scammer know they might want to double-check their scams:

scammer spells shipment wrong and gets called out on it

13.The person who asked a scammer a deeply personal question:

person asks a scammer if they would like to commit arson with them

14.The person who let a scammer know exactly what's up:

scammer asks how are you and a person says i just passed away

15.The person who made their terms explicitly clear to a scammer:

scammer asks did you get cash and a person says get rid of the body and i will

16.The person who employed eighth-grader tactics to great effect against a scammer:

person says their name is seymour butts and they live in Uranus to a scammer

17.The person who had to let a scammer down easy:

Scammer who texts about being someone's child, and the person responds that they aren't anymore because they left them at the adoption agency

18.The person who had to break the unfortunate news about Cindy to a scammer:

Scammer who asks about a person named Cindy, and a person makes up a story about Cindy getting killed in a freak nail accident

19.The person who met their mortal enemy:

Scammer who texts someone about a business partner named Tim, and they text back they are their business enemy Tom

20.The person who wanted one thing from a scammer and never got it:

Person who asks a scammer for curry and gets mad when they don't get it

21.The person sent a scammer exactly what they asked for:

Scammer who asks for a 6-digit code and gets sent "fuck you"

22.The person who let a scammer know exactly how they do business:

Person who says to a scammer they are an assassin who will not use WhatsApp but only carrier pigeons

23.The person who sent a scammer a nice picture of themself:

Person who tells a scammer their name is Thomas and sends a picture of the tank engine
u/sizman19 / Via

24.The person who gave a brutally honest update on their family to a scammer:

Person who shares a funny update about their family to a scammer, saying they're "hoping the serum will help junior's leg grow back" and their wife is taking it hard and only eats Funyans

25.The person who evoked the wrath of God from a scammer:

Person who messes with a scammer and gets told "May God punish you"

26.The person who requested the secret scammer code:

Person who asks a scammer for a fun access code like the word "Snoopy"

27.The person who had to remind a scammer of the unfortunate happenings in LA:

Person who tells a scammer long time no see after the incident in LA, "especially after the police arrived"
u/wyoranger45 / Via

28.The person who made sure the scammer remembered their manners:

"Have you heard about the ongoing program that is really paying now?" Response is "Greet first," and after they say "Good morning," they're told "Morning, you can now proceed with your scam," and the response is "You are a bastard, fool"
u/Bitter_Jaguar_7914 / Via

29.The person who pointed out the one little detail a scammer missed:

"RoyalMail: We attempted to deliver your parcel today and was unsuccessful," person says "Fuck of, who attempts to deliver a parcel at 1:45am bruv, you're dumb"

30.The person who just tried to turn a scammer on to a great new service:

"Thank you for signing up for Facts About Poop; this subscription service will last 7 days and will include 2 facts daily about poop/fecal matter" and "First fact: In 2015, a British Airways flight was forced to land due to a toxic poop"
u/jollyconflict / Via

31.The person who was brutally honest with a scammer:

"Hello Celine! Thank you for the makeover; can I invite you for a coffee and tea?" "Yeah you badly needed it; ahh well we can't all be beautiful like me"

32.The person who made their demands to a scammer very, very clear:

"Thank god you texted; i need you to bring me the following to the spot we discussed ASAP: change of clothes, blond wig, $5K in bills, 10 feet or rope, a shovel, and a live squid" and "I'll explain everything later ... if I make it"

33.The person who played a scammer like a violin:

"I'd love to collaborate with a US person who want to get part time position" "Part time position for what?" "Have you heard Upwork?" "Have you heard of Updog?" "No, what is it?" "Wait what is?" "What is Updog?" "Not much man how about you?"
u/decay_mushroom / Via

34.The person who let the scammer know exactly who they were:

"Hello, I'm Lily, isn't this Kevin's number?" "This is embarrassing to me, maybe my new assistant got the number mixed up" and "Thank you for understanding, you are kind, my name is Lily, what is your name?" and person says they're Kevin each time
u/Chernobylpu / Via

35.The person who let a scammer know exactly where they're coming from:

"Hi Alice, I'm planning a trip to Alaska next month, do you have any suggestions?" Response: "Canada" "I'm sorry, I entered the wrong number due to my mistake, I hope I didn't disturb your good mood, I wish you a good day" Response: "Canada" "What?"
u/yeetboiiiiiiiiiiiiio / Via

36.The person who enjoyed a fine bottle of red, courtesy of a scammer:

Picture of a bottle of wine with text "Annie did you get this bottle of wine I sent you?" Response: "Yeah it was delicious; I drank it all in one night; woke up behind a dumpster wearing clown shoes on my hands"
u/supernovameagan / Via

37.The person whose mom got thrown in ghost jail:

"Hello, dear, it is mom, I am in the prison, I am the very sorry for getting arrested; I love you lots" and person says "No, way, mom??" and "You've been dead! How the fuck did you get arrested as a ghost you dumb bitch??" and scammer says "Fuck off"
u/S-S_Snatcher / Via

38.The person who made their feelings about Joanna VERY clear:

I'm Joanna are you the equestrian instructor that Tina introduced me to?" "I never liked you Joanna; I told Tina not to give you my number — you heard me"
u/monsterhighbaby / Via

39.The person who just tried to reconnect with their old scamming friend:

scammer gets mad at a person for pretending they live close to the scammer
u/hiddenrisk / Via

40.The person who asked a scammer some hard-hitting questions:

person asks a scammer how many jellybeans do you think they can fit in their ear
u/voltalux / Via

41.The person who just let a scammer know their real thoughts:

person calls a scammer dumb

42.The person who just tried to get what a scammer owed them:

person say a scammer owes them 6000 dollars
u/scr1mblo / Via

43.The person who went all Gandalf on a scammer:

person says to look at dawn to the east and they will see them coming to help the scammer

44.The person who let a scammer know exactly where the money is going to go:

person says they will just spend all their money on sandwiches if a scammer gives them money
u/1grimface1 / Via


46.The person who had one request for a scammer:

A person who keeps asking another person to store 30 cases of pickles

47.The person who wrote a new Mission Impossible script with an unknowing scammer:

Person who is texted by a scammer and pretends that the scammer is a secret agent who is compromised

48.The person who had a scammer say the magic words:

Person who makes a scammer say "his booty is juicy" before proceeding with a scam

49.The person who hit a scammer with a scam of their own:

Scammer who gets sent a scam text of their own about being charged for an iPhone 14

50.And the person whose moneymaking math totally checks out:

Person who uses very convoluted math to confuse a scammer asking for money

Ah, yes. Of course.

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