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I'm obsessed with this viral, rechargeable electric candle lighter — and it's on sale at Amazon for just $8

If you have a fire phobia, meet your new best friend.

It's easy to understand why social media goes crazy about a pair of butt-lifting leggings or self-tanner drops that mimic hours spent outside in the sun, but one of TikTok's obsessions feels totally out of the blue: an electric candle lighter? I was intrigued, and, dear reader, I bought it. Here's the thing: It is the coolest candle lighter ever. It's so cool that anytime one certain friend comes over, she purposely blows out any candles I have lit just so she can re-light them with this gizmo herself. Oh, and it's also on sale at Amazon.

This rechargeable candle wand has set my heart aflame. 

Save $5 with coupon
$8 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

The black lighter is currently marked down to $8, just a dollar more than its all-time lowest price. Plus, the fact that it's rechargeable means it'll last far longer than the ones that require lighter fluid.

Why do I need this?

The Vehhe electric lighter is shaped like an exceptionally bendy wand and is powered by a lithium battery that's charged via USB. What sets it apart is the flexible 4.5-inch tip, which can be twisted and molded to fit into any candle (even the really long, tube-like ones). There's also an indicator to show you how charged the lighter is, so you're never stuck with just two lit wicks out of three.

It's safe too: You have to flip a switch and press a button to turn it on. It also automatically powers off in 10 seconds and is heat resistant. On a more superficial note, it just looks really awesome.

someone using the electric lighter to light a candle
No more singed thumbs, thanks to this nifty electric lighter! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

TikTokers aren't the only ones obsessed with the lighter. Over 26,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a perfect five-star rating. In particular, shoppers love how sustainable the Vehhe is — no more throwing away cheap plastic lighters on the reg!

"I love this little gadget," declared a reviewer. "I’m so tired of wasting my money on throwaway things like lighters, and I wanted a more sustainable product to reduce the waste I produce. I don’t know how hot this gets, I’m not going to touch the little spark it produces, but it lights my candles and fires without me having to get too close to the flame and burning myself. The charge lasts pretty long and it charges really fast."

Another shopper said they feel "like a wizard" when using it, adding, "This laser wand is amazing. When I hit the button and the blue magic buzzes between the prongs, an evil maniacal laugh is bellowing deep in my psyche. One of the burners on our gas range stopped sparking and put a huge damper on our eggs and bacon routine. Instead of fixing it like an adult, I just bought this magical little voodoo stick and thought it might get us by for a while. Now I don't even want to fix the stove."

It's even, dare I say it, fun.

"This is so easy and 'fun' to use!" shared a third buyer. "No more fumes or sore thumbs from cheap lighters. No more running out of fuel, just charge and use!"

"TikTok made me buy it," admitted a final fan. "I surprisingly love this thing! My only, only complaint is it gives off this very high-pitched noise that myself and my dog hears (she’s not a fan!). But I love not having to worry about having enough fluid in my old lighters."

At this price, get one for you and another to give to a loved one!

Save $5 with coupon
$8 at Amazon

Want to give your new favorite lighter a test run? Add this rosy candle to your cart:

This long-lasting beauty (up to 150 hours of burn time!) will make your room smell like a spring garden, even though it's February. 

"The fresh cut rose scent is wonderful and strong!" exclaimed a happy shopper. "I lit it in my bedroom and the whole room smells of roses. Nothing worse than spending money on a candle and there is no scent when you light it."

$35 at Amazon

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