Incredible NASA video shows ‘twisting’ eruption on the sun - bigger than our planet

Rob Waugh

The close-up was shot in extreme UV light (NASA)

A NASA sun-watching satellite has captured an incredible video showing a ‘twisting’ eruption on the surface of the sun.

The eruptions were captured this month by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a satellite which monitors the sun’s surface.

Each eruption is bigger than our planet, NASA says – but are actually relatively small, and can only be seen at the ‘edge’ of the sun.

The videos are formed from images taken in extreme ultraviolet light, NASA says.

NASA said, ‘This close-up of the Sun from a two-hour period on Aug 13, 2018 shows a minor eruption of charged particles rising up and twisting about before falling back into the Sun.


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‘Imaged in extreme ultraviolet light, these kinds of events are difficult to see except when they occur along the sun’s edge, also known as the limb.

At its peak the plasma rises several times the diameter of Earth.’