Incredibly Talented Dog Rides Bicycle By Himself

Dogs just never stop making us proud of them. It seems that we can never get enough of the pupper awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like our furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable.

We feel like proud parents when they learn new tricks and this footage is the prime example for it. Meet Norman the Scooter Dog. This French sheepdog is the master of wheels. He has been known to ride a scooter and apparently, he has mastered the bike as well. The canine is very eager to please his owner, so he carefully climbs on that bike, plants his back feet on the pedals and his front on the handlebar. With a little encouragement from his owner in the form of a treat, Norman starts to pedal the bike, following his owner’s footsteps. Isn’t it adorable?!

Norman was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in June, but underwent surgery and is slowly but surely recovering. He gets all the attention and love he needs both from his owner and from his fans. What makes Norman special is that he was able to set a Guinness World Record as the fastest dog on a scooter when he traveled 100 feet in 20 seconds at a charity event in Georgia.