Independent league player uses garbage can to mock ump during ejection meltdown

Brennan Metzger decided to bring a garbage can onto the field after getting ejected from a game. (Screegrab via @FMRedHawks on Twitter)

The best baseball ejection meltdowns always include a prop. Using just words is entertaining enough, but when caps or bats or any other object starts flying, the ejection turns into a must-see event.

That was the case during an independent league game between the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks and the Chicago Dogs on Monday. After getting ejected, one player decided to involve a garbage can in his tirade … though not in the way you might think.

(Warning: The video below contains some NSFW language)

That was Brennan Metzger losing his mind after getting called out on strikes. For the first 53 seconds of that video, the argument plays out as you would expect. There some face-to-face screaming, many swear words and a manager desperately trying to intervene.

Just when it appears Metzger has accepted his fate, the fun begins. At 59 seconds, the video captures Metzger in the dugout. While you would normally expect the player to continue into the clubhouse, Metzger had other plans. He grabbed a garbage can from the dugout and started running out onto the field.

At this point, it was fair to assume the worst. Trash was bound to be thrown all over the field, leading to a lengthy delay as team employees picked it up.

But that didn’t happen. Metzger simply placed the garbage can behind the plate where the ump stood. The implication was clear: Metzger thought the ump was garbage.

As far as post-ejection rants go, we’re not where to rank this one. While it wasn’t as over the top as some we’ve seen, you have to admire Metzger’s restraint here. You might find it humorous when players throw stuff on the field, but that creates more work for either their teammates or team employees.

Metzger’s garbage can move was not only insulting to the ump, but oddly respectful to those who would have had to clean up garbage had he thrown it all over the field. That has to count for something, right?

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