Indian River Festival ready for upcoming season

The Indian River Festival's new executive director says he and artistic director Robert Kortgaard have been busy creating what he describes as a fantastic summer of music.

Don Quarles, who has been on the job since November told Mainstreet host Angela Walker he is quite excited about the lineup of artists for the 2017 season.

"There's certainly going to be some really great highlights this summer. I think a lot of the acts are acts [that] people that have been to historic St. Mary's in the past haven't seen but also we're bringing back some traditional favourites as well."

Some of the artists included in the 2017 lineup are Matt Anderson, David Myles, the Canadian Brass, the Youth Legacy Celebration and Ten Strings and a Goat Skin.

Quarles said as the festival's reputation grows, it is easier to interest musicians in playing at the venue.

"When I talk to artists they're going, 'Oh yeah I've heard about that venue,'" he said. "The acoustics in the venues are just second to none so speaking to artist and hearing them say that makes me smile because I felt the same way the first time I was in the venue as well."

The Indian River Festival's 2017 season begins June 9 with an open house and the festival runs until September 17.

"There's some musical theatre components, classical, jazz, blues, folk," said Quarles, describing it as a diverse range of music for the season.

The PEI Festival of Small Halls will kick off its annual festival at the historic church on June 11.

Quarles said he is looking forward to many of the concerts, as he appreciates all kinds of music.

"I think all of the shows we've selected this year are going to be incredibly well received and sound great in that venue."

Tickets for the concerts go on sale April 3 and can be purchased online. Advance order bookings can be made by calling the festival office.

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