Indiana holder makes great video to state case for Mortell Award

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Michigan’s Garrett Moores has a contender to his reigning Holder of the Year status.

Indiana’s Drew Conrad kicked off his campaign for the Mortell Award in impressive style on Tuesday.

Conrad’s video comes months after Moores started his campaign for a second-straight award. If head-to-head is any tiebreaker, Moores has the advantage. Michigan beat Indiana earlier this year.

A Conrad win would also be the third-straight year a Big Ten holder has won the incredibly prestigious award. It was created in 2015 by then-Minnesota holder Peter Mortell, who gave the first award to himself. After all, your own award is not legitimate unless you give it to yourself.

We also, unfortunately, have to note that Oklahoma State punter Zach Sinor’s chances at the Mortell Award are probably over after this incident against West Virginia.

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At least we’ll always have Sinor’s Heisman campaign.

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