Injured dog comforted by Florida cop wins over internet

A police officer in Kissimmee, Fla. is being recognized with a Compassionate Police Department Award from PETA after comforting an injured pup this week.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Facebook paged posted a photo that shows Deputy Josh Fiorelli sitting with a dog who is partially covered with a jacket, and its caption explains that the dog was injured after being hit by a car. The officer waited with the dog until animal control was able to arrive on the scene.

“It was cold out. She was wet,” said Fiorelli, according to a press release from PETA. “She didn’t have anyone there so I decided to be that person.”

The post, which has received more than 200 comments and has been shared more than 580 times, is filled with well-wishers congratulating Deputy Fiorelli on his kindness and compassion.

In an update on the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page on Monday, Carlos Irizarry, who took the photo, confirmed that the dog was taken to an animal shelter. According to a local news report, the dog had a dislocated leg, but the shelter waited three days for her owner to come forward before operating on the dog. The dog did not have a collar, and was not microchipped.

The dog, now named Fiona, is expected to make a full recovery.

Deputy Josh Fiorelli is seen here with an injured dog. (Facebook/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful)