Injured eagle takes flight in rural Manitoba after months-long recovery

A bald eagle which had broken tail feathers and a non-responsive leg took flight as a new bird Saturday.

The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre released the eagle in La Rivière, Man. on Saturday morning after spending nearly six months helping it on its road to recovery.

The bald eagle, which is thought to be over five years old, stood on the ground and took a peek at a crowd gathered to see its release before taking off.

"It was great for photographers," said Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre president Judy Robertson.

"He flew beautifully."

Robertson said Manitoba Conservation brought the bird to the centre late last November. At the time, the bird had an eye issue, broken tail feathers and a non-responsive leg, likely from hitting a car, truck, train, or hydro pole.

'In tip-top shape'

The centre provided physiotherapy to the eagle and a safe area for it to flight train.

Robertson said the result was great.

"He was in tip-top shape," he said.

"He couldn't wait to get out of that door. He was banging at the door to get out, so he was ready." It's not known if the eagle has a mate in the wild somewhere.

"Whether he'll connect with her remains to be seen, but he'll certainly find a new one if he doesn't," Robertson said.