Insane video captured by mom shows lightning bolt nearly strike and kill boy playing in yard

Alex Lasker,

A video captured by a mother in Posadas, Argentina, shows the harrowing moment her young son was nearly struck by a lightning bolt while playing in their yard during a massive storm.

Carolina Kotur told local media that she had been spending her morning calming down her daughter, who is afraid of lightning, when her son decided to go outside and jump around in the rain.

"My son was walking in the rain and I started filming because he was making a joke, and right next to him the lightning struck," she recounted. "Thank God, nothing happened to him."

In the terrifying footage, Kotur's 12-year-old son can be seen sporting a hoodie and shorts while holding an umbrella and playing underneath a gushing storm pipe.

As the boy walks away from the streaming water to the center of his backyard, a lightning bolt streaks out of the sky and seems to strike the black umbrella in the boy's hand. 

Miraculously, the boy escaped the incident unharmed, according to the Daily Mail.

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