Everything we know about Pixar's Inside Out 2

Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear are back for the animated follow-up

Joy stands in front of Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear in Inside Out 2.
Make room for new emotions in Pixar's Inside Out 2. (Disney/Pixar)

Pixar will return to the world of Inside Out with a sequel to the Oscar-winning animation.

The original 2015 film was set inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl, Riley, with her five main emotions personified as characters.

It was a huge box office hit and won critical acclaim, so it's little surprise that a sequel is heading our way.

Here's everything we know about Inside Out 2 so far, including the release date, cast and plot.

When will Inside Out 2 be released?

Embarrassment, Anxiety, Envy and Ennui in Inside Out 2
Embarrassment, Anxiety, Envy and Ennui take a turn at the console in Inside Out 2. (Disney/Pixar)

Inside Out 2 will be released in UK cinemas on Friday, 14 June, nine years after the original film came out. It will be made available to stream on Disney+ at a later date.

The long-awaited movie was officially announced by star Amy Poehler at Disney's D23 expo in September 2022, following years of speculation.

Director Pete Docter first discussed the prospect of a sequel in 2015, telling Entertainment Weekly: "There's no sequel idea from me at this point. Never say never." In early 2016, he said he would "explore" possible ideas for Inside Out 2 and "see what happens".

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Fans' hopes were dashed when Pixar announced it would focus on developing original films, rather than sequels, after the release of 2019's Toy Story 4. But the studio changed tack by releasing a Toy Story spin-off, Lightyear, in 2022, paving the way for both Inside Out 2 and Toy Story 5 to enter production.

What is the plot of Inside Out 2?

A scene from Pixar's Inside Out 2
Cruella actor Paul Walter Hauser voices Embarrassment (far right) in the sequel. (Disney/Pixar)

The original Inside Out ended with Riley's emotions discovering puberty, so the sequel picks up where it left off by focusing on Riley's adolescence.

"In some ways, Inside Out set itself up for a sequel and we're going there," Poehler told People magazine, adding that the new film is "deeper" than the original.

She added: "A lot has happened since the first film in terms of the emotional intelligence and how we think about mental health and how our emotions can affect us physically, and what's really going on inside our head."

Pixar previously tackled the topics of puberty and teen angst in 2022's Turning Red.

Who is in the Inside Out 2 cast?

Maya Hawke voices Anxiety in Inside Out 2
Stranger Things' Maya Hawke voices Anxiety in Inside Out 2. (Disney/Pixar)

The star-studded cast of Inside Out 2 is led by Amy Poehler, who returns to voice Joy. The US Office's Phyllis Smith and comedian Lewis Black reprise their roles as Sadness and Anger retrospectively.

But original stars Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader are not part of the sequel. The Equalizer star Liza Lapira replaces Kaling as the voice of Disgust, while Arrested Development's Tony Hail provides the voice of Fear, instead of Hader.

It is unclear why the pair were recast. In a 2023 interview with The Wrap, Kaling cryptically said: "I had a great time working on Inside Out and am sure Inside Out 2 will be great, but I'm not working on it."

Four new emotions are part of the gang. Stranger Things star Maya Hawke voices Anxiety, while The Bear's Ayo Edebiri plays Envy. French actor Adèle Exarchopoulos brings Ennui to life, and Cruella's Paul Walter Hauser voices Embarrassment.

Sadness and Joy walking through Riley's Sense of Self in Inside Out 2
Sadness and Joy walking through Riley's Sense of Self. (Disney/Pixar)

Kensington Tallman is the new voice behind Riley, with Twin Peaks legend Kyle MacLachlan and Man of Steel's Diane Lane returning to play her parents.

Community star Yvette-Nicole Brown plays Riley's hockey coach, while Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green and Grace Lu provide the vocals for her best pals.

Oscar nominee June Squibb, who previously voiced characters in Soul and Toy Story 4, has been cast in an unknown role.

The cast also includes The Muppets' Frank Oz, SNL's James Austin Johnson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers bassist Flea and Monsters University actor Bobby Moynihan.

As with almost every Pixar movie, John Ratzenberger also pop up in Inside Out 2.

There's currently no word as to whether Inside Out 2 will feature an appearance from Riley's former imaginary friend Bing Bong.

Is there a trailer for Inside Out 2?

The first full trailer for Inside Out 2 landed in March and gave us a proper look at the new emotions that'll be joining Riley's subconscious, specifically Anxiety, Envy, Ennui and Embarrassment. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, the teaser trailer for Inside Out 2 arrived in November 2023.

Just as Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear though they had Riley's feelings under control, her teenage years strike and bring with them a dose of orange-haired anxiety.

Hit play on the teaser below to re-enter Riley's head.

Who directed Inside Out 2?

A scene from Pixar's Inside Out
The original film starred Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader. (Disney/Pixar)

Inside Out 2 is helmed by first-time director Mann, who previously worked on Pixar films The Good Dinosaur, Monsters University, Lightyear and Onward.

Pete Docter, who directed the original film, will oversee the sequel as executive producer. Docter is now the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar, and he also directed Monsters, Inc., Up and Soul, so his continued involvement is promising news for fans.

He told The Wrap that Mann's pitch for the sequel was "really poignant and very heartfelt, very personal to him but also universal". The film is broader in scope and a "little bit more truthful" than the original, he added, and has "a real great heart to it".

The script was penned by Meg LeFauve, who co-wrote the first Inside Out with Josh Cooley and Docter. She also worked on The Good Dinosaur and Onward.

Inside Out 2 will be released in cinemas on 14 June