An inspector had a problem with a Broward convenience store’s rodents and hemp gummies

“Rodent excreta” in the retail area topped the signs of filth spotted by a state inspector Tuesday at a Miramar Kwik Stop.

And, if the folks at 7550 Pembroke Rd. don’t take care of the problem, any food stop there will be a quick stop because they won’t have very much to sell.

“If evidence of pest infestation is observed on the next inspection, a Stop-Use Order will be issued on all receiving areas of the establishment and the establishment will no longer be allowed to receive additional food items,” the inspection states. “A Stop-Use Order of all processing equipment will be issued and a Stop-Sale Order of all exposed food items will be issued until the infestation is eradicated.”

Florida Department of Agriculture inspectors, who inspect all levels of packaged food sellers, can’t flat shut a place down. But, enough Stop-Use Orders and Stop Sale Orders will make the owner’s make a business decision about the worth of being open.

State records say this Kwik Stop is owned by Nilkanth Enterprises, which is run out of a Hollywood apartment by company president Sheuli Das.

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The first thing Inspector Scott House listed on the inspection wasn’t the rodents.

Even if you can cell hemp gummies, it’s a no-no to sell “a hemp extract that is attractive to children.” That means the packaging “is in the shape of humans, cartoons, animals or bears any reasonable resemblance to an existing candy product that is familiar to the public as a widely distributed, branded food product” and could be mistaken for that product.

So, Inspector House dropped Stop Sales on 17 packs of Cured Bomb Desserts Robot Gummies Delta 8, 150 mg Characters and four packs of Cured Bomb Desserts Peach Gummies Delta 8, 30 mg.

Outside, there was a “trash buildup throughout the grounds” while the dumpster was “uncovered and full.”

“Establishment does not have a certified food protection manager.”

Out where the customers are, the reach-in cooler with the egg display had “food spillage and soil buildup under the shelving.”

In the backroom, “Soil buildup on floors and under equipment and shelving in dry storage room, walk-in cooler and restrooms.”

The backroom ware washing sink didn’t have drain boards, but did have “soil buildup in the basins and faucet.”

The same was noted about the retail area handwash sink next to the cashier, which also lacked any hand towels and was blocked by “boxes of returned items.”

There also wasn’t a trash can in that area.

But, there was “rodent excreta in the cabinet under the handsink adjacent to the cashier counter” in the retail area.