Inspire Learning Centre looking for art to display

Inspire Learning Centre looking for art to display

The Summerside Inspire Learning Centre has put out a call for artists in the hopes of acquiring artwork — from sculptures to paintings — to display and inspire people. 

"All skill levels are welcome to apply. We're looking from professionals to amateurs — everybody's welcome," said artist and consultant Becka Viau.

"Really, we're hoping the walls will reflect the diversity and the character and the imagination of the community that uses it."

Since the call for submissions was released on March 15, 30 submissions have been received, she said. Viau added that artists can submit only two pieces.

What ultimately gets displayed at the modern library will be peer-reviewed and determined by a committee, said Viau.

She added that 30 or even 60 pieces of artwork could be displayed in the building at one time, depending on the size of the pieces.

'Open to all possibilities'

"There is quite a bit of space in the building," she said. "I think we're open to all possibilities."

As a community effort, Viau said artists don't receive money by having a piece accepted for display, but they do receive exposure and are welcome to try and sell their work by listing a price on the description card. 

"I'm sure that if an artist sold a piece off the wall it wouldn't take very long to have it replaced with something else," she said.

The deadline for the call for artists is March 31. Viau said the plan is to have artwork by the end of April in time for the centre's grand opening in May. 

Anyone interested in applying can contact 

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