The inspiring story of B.C.'s only saffron farm and its determined farmer

In November 2021, Avtar Dhillon lost everything; his entire 25-acre farm in Abbotsford was underwater after a devastating flood in the region. Dhillon's farm, Ramsar Berry Farm, is one of the most unique farms in BC; in fact, it is the province's only saffron farm—the world's most expensive spice.

Now, two years later, the family is still struggling to rebuild after more than $3 million worth of damages. Before the flood, they had over 250,000 saffron bulbs—now just about 3,000—but Dhillon's dream is to make Abbotsford the capital of saffron, and he isn't ready to give up on that dream.

Watch the video above to learn more about Dhillon's ambitions.