This instructor has taught three generations of Quebec skiers

In the 54 years he's taught at Sommet Gabriel, Robert Miron has seen the skiing spot go through many phases. 

"In my first years, in the late '60s, it used to be a really fancy place. It was the place for the stars," Miron recalled. 

"Now, it's more for families." 

Miron was one of several instructors celebrating the ski resort's 75th anniversary Saturday. The resort, on Mont Gabriel in Sainte-Adèle, Que., has held courses since 1944.

Among the school's alumni are former American Senator Ted Kennedy and his family, as well as former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's family. 

Miron has been doing the job so long, he has taught the children and grandchildren of some of his original students.

His own granddaughters are also among his students: seven-year-old Mia and five-year-old Rosalie have been skiing since the age of two. 

"Mont Gabriel is part of my family," said Miron. "It's my place."

"I would like to be present in 10 years to celebrate the [resort's] 85th anniversary." 

A role model

For ski instructor Béatrice Chalifoux, Miron is a role model. 

"I see him and I tell myself that one day I could be in his place and just ski for years," she said. 

Chalifoux has been a ski instructor on the mountain for two years now, but she's been skiing there since the age of nine. 

"This isn't just a sport. It's its own world. It's a whole different world," she said. 

Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC

Eric Dufour, director of Sommet Gabriel, said it's obvious Miron loves what he does.

"Every time we see Bob, he's got a big smile on his face." 

Instructors like Chalifoux and Miron make the mountain what it is today, Dufour said.

"They're teaching new skiers and some of them have never even seen snow." 

Dufour said the charm of the mountain is also its scenery. From the south side of the mountain, skiers can get a bird's-eye view of Montreal's Olympic Stadium and Mount Royal. 

"For the next 75 years, we just want to keep doing what we're doing," said Dufour.