Intensifying low to deliver soaking rains, gusty winds to Atlantic Canada

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Intensifying low to deliver soaking rains, gusty winds to Atlantic Canada
Intensifying low to deliver soaking rains, gusty winds to Atlantic Canada

With Christmas around the corner, conditions in Atlantic Canada will be the opposite of what people expect at this time of the year. A deepening low-pressure system will track into the region Monday, bringing copious amounts of rain, strong winds and a small dose of snowfall for most into Tuesday.

The soggy weather will be met with milder temperatures, however, and this could spell a green Christmas for most areas in the region. The low may bring 50-75 mm of rain to eastern Nova Scotia and western Newfoundland, along with 60-80 km/h wind gusts in exposed coastal areas.

Special weather statements are in effect for the aforementioned regions. More on the incoming soggy system and what's ahead for Christmas and Boxing Day, below.


  • Rain, winds to ramp up Monday night for Atlantic region

  • 50-75 mm of rain for eastern Nova Scotia, western Newfoundland

  • Milder temperatures to make for green Christmas for most areas, another storm possible into Boxing Day

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Showers from a trough will continue into Monday morning for the Maritimes and Newfoundland, but will intensify by the evening as a deepening low moves in. This will bring heavy rain, strong winds and some snow into the Atlantic provinces into Tuesday. Special weather statements are in place for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

The rapidly intensifying low will be accompanied by very mild temperatures, but a swath of heavy snow is possible on the back side of the storm. The heaviest rain for the Maritimes will occur overnight before tapering to showers or flurries later on Tuesday.


Through Tuesday, eastern Nova Scotia and western Newfoundland will see the heaviest rainfall totals. Nova Scotia can expect 50-75 mm of rain, and Newfoundland can expect 75-100 mm. Central Nova Scotia may see 30-50 mm, while 20-30 mm is expected for southeastern portions, along with P.E.I., and northern and parts of southern Newfoundland.

Not much snowfall is expected with the system due to the milder temperatures, with less than 5 cm expected for central and northern New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Cape Breton, though 5-10 cm is possible for western Newfoundland. The heaviest snowfall will remain in Labrador, where 30+ cm could accumulate.


As well, strong southeasterly winds will intensify for southeastern Nova Scotia including Cape Breton Island and western Newfoundland Monday overnight. Gusts will reach 40-60+km/h, particularly along coastal areas of the latter.

By Tuesday morning, winds will shift to a westerly direction, with gusts possibly hitting 80 km/h in exposed areas along the coast.


Double-digit temperatures are likely for much of the Maritimes on Christmas, with the potential to see temperatures reach the low- to mid-teens. Closer to seasonal after Christmas.


As a result, most the region can expect a green Christmas. The storm track will be active, however, bringing a few shots of precipitation, mostly as rain – including a storm system that will move through during the Christmas/Boxing Day holiday, leaving cold air in its wake.

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