International students get taste of working life on P.E.I.

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As classrooms become more diverse, UPEI rethinks the way it teaches

A new pilot project at UPEI — Canadian Workplace Explorations — has been set up to help international students get local work experience.

About a dozen international students in the pilot get the chance to job shadow in professional workplaces. The idea is to help students get experience in a Canadian workplace, to network and improve their resume.

Hope Nestor, the international student employer liaison officer at UPEI, said the goal is to give the students a reason to stay on P.E.I. after they graduate.

"This is all directed at giving international students an opportunity to make those connections in the community and also to give them an idea of what types of employment there is here on Prince Edward Island," said Nestor.

"They graduate and they want to stay and they understand the opportunities that they have here, and we're lucky enough to have them stay."

Most students put in about 30 hours of work for the program, which is running through March and April.

The university will review the pilot project to see if it will be offered again in the future.

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